I Spy…a Bee!

At the park the other day I took more flower pictures than you could ever imagine.  I’ll spare your Friday morning and share just a handful of them. Now who’s ready for a little game?!?  Let’s see how many bees (honey bees, bumble bees, out of focus bees, I-want-to-sting-you bees, any kind of bee) you … Continue reading

Coincidental Happy Ending

I know yesterday I couldn’t stop cursing ranting about my out of focus pictures, wishing they had just a little bit more of the flowers in focus.  Welp, even after all that ranting and realizing I killed a few pictures due to a poor choice, I continued to shoot in manual focus mode with my … Continue reading

Beauty in Nothing

I think this photography thing has really given me a whole new perspective on life.  I’ve found myself taking pictures of anything and everything lately, and to my surprise, what many would find as intrusive weeds in their yards, I find quite simply stunning.  Judging without examining really limits the joy you find in life.  … Continue reading

Zoo’in it!

If you have a conversation with me it probably wouldn’t take you long to realize that I’m a kid trapped in a 20-something year-old body.  I can’t help but find joy in the little things in life – like decorating the driveway with sidewalk chalk, flying kites, coloring pictures to decorate the fridge, and going … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day

A few weeks ago my super/sweet/awesome neighbor asked me to help her with a Father’s Day present – to take pictures of her son in his dad’s old soccer uniform, business clothes, and his Warrior Dash hat (just for kicks and giggles!).  I love this whole family so much, I was so happy to help!  … Continue reading

Hibiscus in Bloom

I know, right?!  The hibiscus flowers…again?!  But it’s true.  I’m only on my second week of blogging and I’m already running back to something I already took pictures of.  I can’t help my delight in seeing these flowers bloom literally right in front of my eyes.  In the morning they are bursting at their seams, … Continue reading

Four-Legged, Furry Friend

When I’m gone I often think about what could possibly be going on back home. I even get pings of selfishness for being gone too long, or for going on walks or runs without him. Driving home, I always get a little excited about what’s waiting my arrival. I love my little four-legged, furry friend … Continue reading

Boredom + Impulsiveness = Hibiscus Plant!

School let out at the beginning of May and just a few days after this I was bored as a gourd over here.  What was supposed to be a quick trip to Lowe’s to get fertilizer turned into a bag of fertilizer…and a Jeep filled with plants.  Eighteen to be specific.  Whoops! Sitting in the … Continue reading

Baby Lucas

Just over a week ago I went up to my sister and brother-in-law’s house – not just to visit with them, but also to meet their newest addition, my sweet little nephew.  The joy I felt when seeing my sister walk out with a sweet little man in her arms was nine months in the … Continue reading

Hopes & Dreams (and a land filled with lollipops and unicorns!)

From a young age I think I’ve always had a fond taking to with art, starting with coloring and progressing to drawing (rough) portraits and later running around the backyard with a camera looking for the perfect picture to enter as my ‘Photography’ project for the fair every August.  Into my high school years I … Continue reading