Hopes & Dreams (and a land filled with lollipops and unicorns!)

From a young age I think I’ve always had a fond taking to with art, starting with coloring and progressing to drawing (rough) portraits and later running around the backyard with a camera looking for the perfect picture to enter as my ‘Photography’ project for the fair every August.  Into my high school years I found myself taking just as much time trying to pick out the perfect picture to copycat in a watercolor painting for my art class, as I spent actually on the painting itself.  I simply enjoyed looking through websites imagining myself on the rooftops in Santorini, to the beaches of Fiji, and back to some beautiful farmland in the Midwest.  Visually, I was entranced for hours.

Fastforward to about a year ago – March 2011:  I sweet talked my husband into purchasing a Nikon.  I literally knew nothing about cameras, but simply hoped to produce the images that had captured my eyes for countless hours of my life.  I went to the library almost weekly, picking up books on photography, and spent hours sifting through photography blogs online.  I think my wandering mind got the best of me in the beginning – I thought it would be so easy and as soon as I got this camera people would love my pictures so much they would flock to me hoping to see more!  I’m pretty sure this existed in my brain right next to a land filled with lollipops and unicorns.  =)  Surely, this was not the case.  It’s been a year, and while I have learned a lot about my camera and photography in general, I still have even more to learn.  (And here enters the why behind this blog).

As my birthday came and went this year (a little too soon, and a little too fast), I tried to think of things I wanted to do within the next year.  I set a little bucket list of things I would like to do or learn prior to my next birthday (which will never be disclosed!), but among all, I really just want to be a little bit more at ease with where I am at in my life…a little more happier.  If you haven’t caught the jist of what photography does for me from what I have said yet…photography fills me with joy.  I simply love taking pictures, and even more so, the editing process.  So this little bloggy-blog here is something I’d like to do to push me to continue to take pictures, to challenge me to get the camera out (even where there’s noooothhiinng out there to phoootoograph!), and hopefully learn along the way.


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