Boredom + Impulsiveness = Hibiscus Plant!

School let out at the beginning of May and just a few days after this I was bored as a gourd over here.  What was supposed to be a quick trip to Lowe’s to get fertilizer turned into a bag of fertilizer…and a Jeep filled with plants.  Eighteen to be specific.  Whoops!

Sitting in the backseat on the way home from that trip to Lowe’s was a braided hibiscus plant with a perfect circle of lush green leaves and one fully bloomed peach flower and two well on their way.  It was such a happy looking (and tropical looking!) plant that I couldn’t resist.  Once home I planted it in a pot and set it on the patio table.  The next morning I went to water all the new plants only to find the one flower had been eaten by a deer and spit out like a useless piece of fancy-pants lettuce on your gourmet meal plate fallen off.  I took the blame and gave that little plant lots of love the next couple of days – bringing it in at night, juicing it up (or giving it fertilizer, whichever you prefer to call it), and adoring it with big wide eyes and encouraging words, yet when the other two flowers bloomed, they too fell off after only a day or two.  I was so sad, but came to the conclusion that they just didn’t live that long so I continued to give it my lovin’ hoping that I would be able to enjoy a few more flowers this year.

Welp, about a week ago I looked at this plant and realized there were easily a dozen buds growing.  And one yellow leaf.  This week, there have been quite a few flowers blooming, buds still on their way, a handful of green leaves, and about five handfuls of yellow leaves.  What used to be a lush green circle of leaves now looks like swiss cheese.  I don’t know how much longer this little plant is going to make it – I know there are just too many buds for the plant to keep its leaves, but I don’t want to cut my buds off!  I’ll continue to bring it in at night and when it’s windy, juice it up, and adore it, but I’d only give it another two weeks before it’s a goner.  On the positive side, when the flowers fall off, they make for great pictures.  Enjoy!


Whoa, baby!  Look at that copyright!  This was the latest thing I taught myself in Elements. =)

I took these pictures on my dining room table with a blue glass vase and two windows (from different directions – I was in a corner) behind them producing natural light from two directions.  While I knew the table would give a little bit of a reflection and some light, I didn’t expect to produce the pictures that I did!  They were a nice surprise, and great lesson in practicing with natural light and adding reflection/light with pieces such as the surface you choose to shoot on.  Oh yeah, and why don’t I just add a macro lens to my wish list!  I can only imagine the pictures I could take of these flowers with a lens like that!


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