Four-Legged, Furry Friend

When I’m gone I often think about what could possibly be going on back home.

I even get pings of selfishness for being gone too long, or for going on walks or runs without him.

Driving home, I always get a little excited about what’s waiting my arrival.

I love my little four-legged, furry friend and I couldn’t imagine walking in the door without hearing the pitter-patter of his excited little feet coming to greet me.  Or the snuggling in my legs in the morning.  Or waking up in the middle of the night to a wet little nose in my face.  I wouldn’t trade him for anything, and when I’m without him I find myself constantly thinking of him.  =)

I love little puppy paws – and I promise I cut his nails (well, okay, the groomer does!), they just look a little long here.

He has perfected the puppy eyes!

One Response to “Four-Legged, Furry Friend”
  1. arul says:

    nice closeup shots

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