Hibiscus in Bloom

I know, right?!  The hibiscus flowers…again?!  But it’s true.  I’m only on my second week of blogging and I’m already running back to something I already took pictures of.  I can’t help my delight in seeing these flowers bloom literally right in front of my eyes.  In the morning they are bursting at their seams, but for the most part still closed, and by midday their petals are rejoicing in the sunshine!

I decided to set up a tripod and take pictures of one flower throughout the morning as it bloomed.  While originally I did take close to twenty pictures, my idea was to merge it into one photo to show its growth.  To do this, I realized I needed to cut it back from the original twenty pictures in order to see the definition.  While I had the idea in my head, I had absolutely no idea how to go about doing this in Elements, but after randomly clicking buttons and changing adjustments I simultaneously realized that, ‘Hey, I really am getting somewhere with this!’  So here’s the final product.  It wasn’t exactly what I thought it would turn out to be, but I’m proud of myself for pushing to learn another thing about Elements.  Cheers to me!



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