Happy Father’s Day

A few weeks ago my super/sweet/awesome neighbor asked me to help her with a Father’s Day present – to take pictures of her son in his dad’s old soccer uniform, business clothes, and his Warrior Dash hat (just for kicks and giggles!).  I love this whole family so much, I was so happy to help!  While this little baby usually fills the surfer boy persona – so laid back and content – he wasn’t exactly the happiest with his momma and me on this particular afternoon.  Maybe it was because she kept putting him on his tummy and he didn’t want tummy time, or maybe it was because my dog kept walking up to him and trying to lick his face…or maybe a little of both.  All I know is this momma has so much love for her son I often find myself sitting back and soaking in her interactions with him because she makes such a great mom and I can only aspire to be a little like her when I have children.  In ten years.

While I didn’t get to use my brother-in-law’s backdrop, flash, or studio lights this time, I was pretty happy with how they came out!

So what did I learn with this little session?  Well a lot actually!  All I had to work with was a white backdrop and some afternoon sunlight pouring in through the patio door.  Baby wasn’t quite ready to sit up on his own, so I had his mom hold him up for a few, and he wasn’t quite happy with being on his tummy, so I had to work quickly!  Well, actually, I had to work quickly the whole time!  Remember the dog-licking-his-face earlier in the post…well he was licking my face, my camera, walking in front of the camera…rawr.  All-in-all, I was so glad to be able to help her out and I’m so glad she allowed me to take these pictures!  I had so much fun taking them and learning from them; it was a great experience, and hopefully not the last! =)

2 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day”
  1. Emma says:

    wow. he is absolutely amazing, you did well with the white backdrop, the lighting is really to my liking,. great job playful.. love it

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