Beauty in Nothing

I think this photography thing has really given me a whole new perspective on life.  I’ve found myself taking pictures of anything and everything lately, and to my surprise, what many would find as intrusive weeds in their yards, I find quite simply stunning.  Judging without examining really limits the joy you find in life.  Had I been like most others, I would have come home from my walk this afternoon with nothing on my camera; instead, I found beauty in what others barely even notice.

And why do I work in manual focus so often with my 35mm?!?  I wish I had gotten more of these flowers in focus (rawr).  Next time!

The line structure of the flower and leaves remind me of tribal print.  I’m so cool, even my pictures are fashionable this summer ; )

And again, darn you manual focus!  And wind!

I know I’ve seen this rationalization in many blogs, but going through the process of trying to turn what you presume to be nothing into a beautiful shot really gives you a different thought process of what’s around you.  And this is why I love photography. =)


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