I Spy…a Bee!

At the park the other day I took more flower pictures than you could ever imagine.  I’ll spare your Friday morning and share just a handful of them.

Now who’s ready for a little game?!?  Let’s see how many bees (honey bees, bumble bees, out of focus bees, I-want-to-sting-you bees, any kind of bee) you can find in the pictures below.  Readyyyy…GO!

Whew!  I’m glad I’m not too scared of bees!  So, if you actually did count them, I came up with eight.  Or nine.  It depends on whether or not you think there are two bees in the third picture.  Personally, I think it’s two bees kissing.  Or probably licking pollen off each other…that’s probably considered really romantic in bee terms. =)

If you’re really curious here’s what I found:  one (or two very romantic) bee(s) in picture 3, two bees (one is out of focus) in picture 5, two bees in picture 6, one bee in picture 7, one bee in picture 11, and one bee in picture 13.  If you found more, or would like to negotiate the number of bees in these pictures…holla! =)

2 Responses to “I Spy…a Bee!”
  1. very beautiful photos. I really enjoyed it.

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