Photography Blues

You must have crossed your fingers but forgot your feet because I got my computer, I got Lightroom 4 set up…but I didn’t get any pictures of the baby.  Just these two… Just these two pictures of a crying baby birdy. =)  Auntie Sarah came with a whole basket of props for this little guy, … Continue reading

Wish Me a Little Wish

It’s Friday!  Think happy thoughts and cross your fingers that I’ll come back from the weekend with an upgraded computer, Lightroom 4, and pictures of…a human! =)

Words of Encouragement

I can remember my Grandpa breaking into this poem anytime one of his children, granchildren, etc. would talk in a defeated manner.  I could almost tell at any point in a conversation when he would burst into a part of the poem to keep the person’s hopes up.  When I graduated from high school I … Continue reading

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Life is a Little Canny

Life is a little canny. Things don’t always turn out as expected. Like this picture – it was a mere plant among beautiful flowers, but after just one click of the shutter I knew it had potential. Follow your heart and take chances. You never know the outcome until it has been done. Sometimes the … Continue reading

A Little Less Country, A Lot More Hometown

For almost the entirity of my life I have prided myself as being such a country girl. I was proud my dad farmed. I was proud to have a barn with tractors, fields with various crops, and farm animals to keep us company. I was proud to know the difference between straw and hay (and … Continue reading


I am fortunate and unfortunate right now to not have a job.  While it can be a purpose-killer and a defeat of confidence, I can’t help but be thankful for the moments I have been given.  To have a choice to wake up in the morning not rushed and take notice of the little things … Continue reading

Dexy =)

Just some cute shots of my little shadow. =) Doesn’t it just look like he’s smiling at you!? =)

As Dusk Falls into a Darkened Night…(A Girl Needs Help Here!!)

These past two weeks surely have been a blur for me!  I think I have set a personal record for the most time spent in a car in the past fourteen days.  Unfortunately, it’s about to slow way down.  Not like taking your foot off the gas and coasting to a stop, but a full … Continue reading

4th of July

I vaguely remember spending the night at my Aunt Christine’s with my brothers and sister when I was really young on the 4th of July.  As a darkened sky fell upon us her neighbor, who was having a party, began shooting off fireworks.  We all stumbled into the backyard to watch, but when we realized … Continue reading