As Dusk Falls into a Darkened Night…(A Girl Needs Help Here!!)

These past two weeks surely have been a blur for me!  I think I have set a personal record for the most time spent in a car in the past fourteen days.  Unfortunately, it’s about to slow way down.  Not like taking your foot off the gas and coasting to a stop, but a full fledged stomp on the brakes, flinging me out of my seat and clunking my head on the road, crashing back to reality.  I know summer is only just about a month into its season, but with the lack of plans we have for the remaining time I feel like it’s coming to a close already (boooo!).  At least during the past two weeks I have kept my camera handy and have plenty to share.  Let’s play some catch-up and take you back to the 4th, where I spent it at Niagara Falls.

Let me preface the next two pictures by saying I love them for their imperfections.  Something about the blur and the bright pops of color make me think they are pictures I would find in our family photo albums from the early 90’s when we would go camping (except it’s Niagara Falls!).

The battery on my camera was dying fast, and unfortunately I didn’t really think about the environment I was going to be shooting in prior to…actually shooting in it.  Oops.  I wish I had because despite my trying (increasing the ISO, increasing the shutter length, and using my on-camera flash), I was still producing images that were really dark.  I even…set my camera to auto (I’m pretty sure for the first time ever)…and even my camera didn’t know what to do.  Any suggestions – or have you been to the falls at dusk and remember your settings (c’mon, pleaaaase!  Help a girl out here!!)?!?


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