Photography Blues

You must have crossed your fingers but forgot your feet because I got my computer, I got Lightroom 4 set up…but I didn’t get any pictures of the baby.  Just these two…

Just these two pictures of a crying baby birdy. =)  Auntie Sarah came with a whole basket of props for this little guy, but I think someone forewarned him of what I wanted to do once he fell asleep because he kept his little baby eyes open for the majority of his visit.  Oh baby.  My sister even picked up the bird nest I made and rocked him in it to try to get him to go back asleep…what a trooper! (As a side note:  wouldn’t it be funny if I photoshopped a little worm above his mouth, hehe?).

Since these didn’t exactly work out…and I don’t know when I’ll get to see him again…here’s my PSA – anyone…anyone…who wants their picture taken?!?  I’m getting a little tired of these darn flowers.

(Clearly I wasn’t a marketing major.) =)


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