Friday Funsies


What’s Real, What’s Not; What’s Right, What’s Wrong

My dad is one of the best tall-tale story tellers.  Just the other week he had my mom questioning whether a real rose was actually real or just a silk rose; she stuck it in water and hoped for the best (mostly that this wasn’t one of his jokes and less about whether the rose … Continue reading


Bumble Bees, and Grasshoppers, (and That’s About it), Oh My!

Once again on a walk I ran into some of my new best friends as of this summer – a large bumble bee.  He was pretty easy going and didn’t mind me too much, which is a plus! And then there was the grasshopper…which got me thinking…do grasshoppers turn brown as they age, or are … Continue reading

Peachy Keen

It’s something about these peaches that takes me back home; takes me back to the comfort days of high school.  In the first few days of returning to school we would be asked to work on color pencil blending techniques using peaches and apples in art class.  The fuzzy definitions of yellows, oranges, and reds, … Continue reading

Just Breathe

Sometimes I wish there were 30 hours in a day, but then I realize even so, I’d probably just sleep for the extra six hours anyways. =) For the first time in a long time (breathe…breathe…breathe) I’m feeling a little stressed about not having enough hours in the day – school starts up again next … Continue reading


I’ve taken a couple days away from here and I’ve realized I’m missing the reason why I initially wanted to start this blog.  I love taking pictures, but the point of this was to push myself to learn new techniques, better understand aspects of photography in general, and to learn about the editing process.  Lately … Continue reading

All Things Random

Because, hey, who isn’t a little random every now and then…

Fly Away

Lately I’ve felt like such a free spirit – in the past two months I’ve been all over the place visiting family.  While it has been a little hectic, I was sad when I realized the roller coaster was coming to its end point and I was coasting towards the finish.  So…I’m already planning some … Continue reading

Wishing Ahead

It’s that time of year when there are only a couple weeks left of summer, and when I should be soaking up the warmth and the rays from the sun I’m instead looking forward to the crisp fall mornings with crunching leaves underneath my feet and warm apple cider in my hands.  I know there’s … Continue reading