Peachy Keen

It’s something about these peaches that takes me back home; takes me back to the comfort days of high school.  In the first few days of returning to school we would be asked to work on color pencil blending techniques using peaches and apples in art class.  The fuzzy definitions of yellows, oranges, and reds, the imperfect spots on the peaches, and if you were lucky, maybe a bug bite.

If I’ve learned anything about myself in the past few months of being off, I’ve learned I am the worst organizer of my time.  Something I used to plan down to seconds is so scatterbrained now days.  I can think of so many things off the top of my head that sound relaxing, things that would bring me back to who I once was, yet I never seem to attempt them anymore.  I’ve gone as far as buying a sketch pad, buying the paints and the brushes, but haven’t seemed to open them.


I know I said last week I wanted to work on more project-like posts to help me learn my camera and the editing process…I’m still working on that list.  And I’m adding to my list of ‘figure-it-out-Sarah!!’ how to incorporate unleashing more of my creative, artsy side in forms other than photography too.  It’s always a work in progress!

Besides all the peachy-ness today, I did want to show this picture:


It’s a plant in the corner of my house, next to a window that receives afternoon sunlight.  I took this picture in the morning and at a 90 degree angle to the window, I loved the lighting affects.  When shooting into the direction of the window, (I know this seems so obvious) I was surprised with how silhouette-y the pictures came out…even with the sun on the complete opposite side of the house.  Taking this plant at different angles really helped me to see how indirect light can actually be your best friend.  I always thought if I wanted to take pictures of this plant, I’d need to do it in the evening when the sunlight was streaming in the window…maybe I’ll take some tonight when it is and compare the lighting between morning and afternoon…


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