What’s Real, What’s Not; What’s Right, What’s Wrong

My dad is one of the best tall-tale story tellers.  Just the other week he had my mom questioning whether a real rose was actually real or just a silk rose; she stuck it in water and hoped for the best (mostly that this wasn’t one of his jokes and less about whether the rose actually lived).  He’s done this for years and years and the guys in the family have tried to replicate and join in to his stories.  With the guys being sticklers and…the other half of the family…being very gullible, I’m always confused as to what is real and what isn’t, what is right and what is wrong.

A couple years ago he tried to tell me what I thought was a weed, was actually a plant.  He tried to tell me he went to the store, picked it, and even thought about the placement of it, and later in the season it would get little flowers.  I didn’t believe him for a second, thinking this was just one of his stories.  But apparently it wasn’t.  I didn’t believe him until my husband went to the store, bought, and planted the same thing in our yard.  Oops.  Looks like I owe my dad some of these next year!


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