Baby Adam

This past weekend while we were home I was able to take some shots of my little new nephew.  I was supposed to take maternity and family shots prior to his arrival, but this little man had other plans – he didn’t want to share the camera!  On a whim, without much thought or planning, I took some newborn shots, and again, learned a few things.

Since these were pretty unplanned (I really didn’t know if they would happen; there were two sickies in the house) I got there and really almost froze.  All the things I had thought would be so cute flew right out of my left ear and I was left staring at the blankets and baskets I brought with no creativity as to how to use them.  I’ve been saying for a while I need to start an ‘idea book’ and slap alllll the cute pictures I see out there in it for inspiration when I’m feeling a little lost.  Had I done this, these pictures could have been much better posed and crafted.  Also, since I knew there was a chance of taking some pictures I really should have thought about…where.  I knew they would be at baby’s house, and I know the house layout…so I really should have thought about where the best lighting would be.

In light of the experience there were some positives!  While taking the pictures I tried to mask the fearful thoughts of how exactly I thought these pictures were turning out (because let’s face it, in the camera, they weren’t looking so hot).  I usually am so excited to take a look at the shots as soon as I am done shooting somewhere, but with these, I actually left them in my camera, tucked away in its camera bag, for a solid 2 ½ days before going through them.  As I started to work on them, I was so thankful they were turning out better than I had imagined!  I always seem to surprise myself when taking pictures of people – freaking that they are awful while taking them, and realizing their potential as I’m editing them.

So here are some of the pictures from the weekend…

One thing I’m still working on is picking a style – how do you choose the saturation you want to go with?!  I think it’s good to offer the client B & W, normal and ‘vintage’ look…but how many different looks are too many?  Rawr.


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