Wishing Ahead

It’s that time of year when there are only a couple weeks left of summer, and when I should be soaking up the warmth and the rays from the sun I’m instead looking forward to the crisp fall mornings with crunching leaves underneath my feet and warm apple cider in my hands.  I know there’s … Continue reading

Photography Blues

You must have crossed your fingers but forgot your feet because I got my computer, I got Lightroom 4 set up…but I didn’t get any pictures of the baby.  Just these two… Just these two pictures of a crying baby birdy. =)  Auntie Sarah came with a whole basket of props for this little guy, … Continue reading

Wish Me a Little Wish

It’s Friday!  Think happy thoughts and cross your fingers that I’ll come back from the weekend with an upgraded computer, Lightroom 4, and pictures of…a human! =)

Words of Encouragement

I can remember my Grandpa breaking into this poem anytime one of his children, granchildren, etc. would talk in a defeated manner.  I could almost tell at any point in a conversation when he would burst into a part of the poem to keep the person’s hopes up.  When I graduated from high school I … Continue reading

Life is a Little Canny

Life is a little canny. Things don’t always turn out as expected. Like this picture – it was a mere plant among beautiful flowers, but after just one click of the shutter I knew it had potential. Follow your heart and take chances. You never know the outcome until it has been done. Sometimes the … Continue reading

A Little Less Country, A Lot More Hometown

For almost the entirity of my life I have prided myself as being such a country girl. I was proud my dad farmed. I was proud to have a barn with tractors, fields with various crops, and farm animals to keep us company. I was proud to know the difference between straw and hay (and … Continue reading


I am fortunate and unfortunate right now to not have a job.  While it can be a purpose-killer and a defeat of confidence, I can’t help but be thankful for the moments I have been given.  To have a choice to wake up in the morning not rushed and take notice of the little things … Continue reading

Dexy =)

Just some cute shots of my little shadow. =) Doesn’t it just look like he’s smiling at you!? =)

As Dusk Falls into a Darkened Night…(A Girl Needs Help Here!!)

These past two weeks surely have been a blur for me!  I think I have set a personal record for the most time spent in a car in the past fourteen days.  Unfortunately, it’s about to slow way down.  Not like taking your foot off the gas and coasting to a stop, but a full … Continue reading