Friday Funsies


What’s Real, What’s Not; What’s Right, What’s Wrong

My dad is one of the best tall-tale story tellers.  Just the other week he had my mom questioning whether a real rose was actually real or just a silk rose; she stuck it in water and hoped for the best (mostly that this wasn’t one of his jokes and less about whether the rose … Continue reading


I’ve taken a couple days away from here and I’ve realized I’m missing the reason why I initially wanted to start this blog.  I love taking pictures, but the point of this was to push myself to learn new techniques, better understand aspects of photography in general, and to learn about the editing process.  Lately … Continue reading

All Things Random

Because, hey, who isn’t a little random every now and then…

Wish Me a Little Wish

It’s Friday!  Think happy thoughts and cross your fingers that I’ll come back from the weekend with an upgraded computer, Lightroom 4, and pictures of…a human! =)

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Life is a Little Canny

Life is a little canny. Things don’t always turn out as expected. Like this picture – it was a mere plant among beautiful flowers, but after just one click of the shutter I knew it had potential. Follow your heart and take chances. You never know the outcome until it has been done. Sometimes the … Continue reading

A Walk in the Park

*Sigh*  It’s been one of those kinds of day(s).  I promise these are the last of the pictures from my afternoon at the park last week.  For the next couple of days I will be blog-less and hopefully I’ll have some more exciting pictures by the time I’m back.   I hope everyone has a … Continue reading

I Spy…a Bee!

At the park the other day I took more flower pictures than you could ever imagine.  I’ll spare your Friday morning and share just a handful of them. Now who’s ready for a little game?!?  Let’s see how many bees (honey bees, bumble bees, out of focus bees, I-want-to-sting-you bees, any kind of bee) you … Continue reading

Coincidental Happy Ending

I know yesterday I couldn’t stop cursing ranting about my out of focus pictures, wishing they had just a little bit more of the flowers in focus.  Welp, even after all that ranting and realizing I killed a few pictures due to a poor choice, I continued to shoot in manual focus mode with my … Continue reading