Just Breathe

Sometimes I wish there were 30 hours in a day, but then I realize even so, I’d probably just sleep for the extra six hours anyways. =) For the first time in a long time (breathe…breathe…breathe) I’m feeling a little stressed about not having enough hours in the day – school starts up again next … Continue reading

Hibiscus in Bloom

I know, right?!  The hibiscus flowers…again?!  But it’s true.  I’m only on my second week of blogging and I’m already running back to something I already took pictures of.  I can’t help my delight in seeing these flowers bloom literally right in front of my eyes.  In the morning they are bursting at their seams, … Continue reading

Boredom + Impulsiveness = Hibiscus Plant!

School let out at the beginning of May and just a few days after this I was bored as a gourd over here.  What was supposed to be a quick trip to Lowe’s to get fertilizer turned into a bag of fertilizer…and a Jeep filled with plants.  Eighteen to be specific.  Whoops! Sitting in the … Continue reading