Peachy Keen

It’s something about these peaches that takes me back home; takes me back to the comfort days of high school.  In the first few days of returning to school we would be asked to work on color pencil blending techniques using peaches and apples in art class.  The fuzzy definitions of yellows, oranges, and reds, … Continue reading

A Little Less Country, A Lot More Hometown

For almost the entirity of my life I have prided myself as being such a country girl. I was proud my dad farmed. I was proud to have a barn with tractors, fields with various crops, and farm animals to keep us company. I was proud to know the difference between straw and hay (and … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day

A few weeks ago my super/sweet/awesome neighbor asked me to help her with a Father’s Day present – to take pictures of her son in his dad’s old soccer uniform, business clothes, and his Warrior Dash hat (just for kicks and giggles!).  I love this whole family so much, I was so happy to help!  … Continue reading

Boredom + Impulsiveness = Hibiscus Plant!

School let out at the beginning of May and just a few days after this I was bored as a gourd over here.  What was supposed to be a quick trip to Lowe’s to get fertilizer turned into a bag of fertilizer…and a Jeep filled with plants.  Eighteen to be specific.  Whoops! Sitting in the … Continue reading