Friday Funsies


A Walk in the Park

*Sigh*  It’s been one of those kinds of day(s).  I promise these are the last of the pictures from my afternoon at the park last week.  For the next couple of days I will be blog-less and hopefully I’ll have some more exciting pictures by the time I’m back.   I hope everyone has a … Continue reading

I Spy…a Bee!

At the park the other day I took more flower pictures than you could ever imagine.  I’ll spare your Friday morning and share just a handful of them. Now who’s ready for a little game?!?  Let’s see how many bees (honey bees, bumble bees, out of focus bees, I-want-to-sting-you bees, any kind of bee) you … Continue reading

Coincidental Happy Ending

I know yesterday I couldn’t stop cursing ranting about my out of focus pictures, wishing they had just a little bit more of the flowers in focus.  Welp, even after all that ranting and realizing I killed a few pictures due to a poor choice, I continued to shoot in manual focus mode with my … Continue reading