Friday Funsies




I’ve taken a couple days away from here and I’ve realized I’m missing the reason why I initially wanted to start this blog.  I love taking pictures, but the point of this was to push myself to learn new techniques, better understand aspects of photography in general, and to learn about the editing process.  Lately … Continue reading

Wishing Ahead

It’s that time of year when there are only a couple weeks left of summer, and when I should be soaking up the warmth and the rays from the sun I’m instead looking forward to the crisp fall mornings with crunching leaves underneath my feet and warm apple cider in my hands.  I know there’s … Continue reading

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

A Little Less Country, A Lot More Hometown

For almost the entirity of my life I have prided myself as being such a country girl. I was proud my dad farmed. I was proud to have a barn with tractors, fields with various crops, and farm animals to keep us company. I was proud to know the difference between straw and hay (and … Continue reading